Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Program was founded to foster development of the multiple intelligences we all possess. Activities complement traditional academics and promote child development. Activities offered through the Enrichment Program each year can include performing and visual arts, art contests, technology education, financial education, culinary education, vocational training, self-defense, doggy therapy, community service, athletics, team sports, spelling bees, and a birthday and holiday book program.

Enrichment activities are critically important for students because they expand their learning opportunities and provide outlets for creative and emotional expression. They help students with learning, emotional and developmental disabilities to increase their self-esteem, physical coordination and social skills. Students explore new ideas, themes and connections. Additionally, students work across grade levels as a team on many enrichment projects.

ECF Kayne Eras School students benefit from the school’s collaboration with enrichment partners in our community. A few examples of these are:


The primary purpose of the WorkAbility 1 (WA1) Program is to provide students with experiences that enable them to make career decisions, and/or develop employment preparation skills. The WAI program is funded by the California Department of Education and offers special education students the opportunity to complete their secondary education while also obtaining marketable job skills for success in the modern labor market. WA1 provides comprehensive training in work, employment placement and follow-up for middle and high school students in special education who are making the transition from school to work, independent living and post-secondary education or training. This program is a critical part of the total educational efforts of the ECF Kayne Eras School, designed to enable the business/industrial community to collaborate with the school in providing quality education to our students.

Best Buddies

ECF Kayne Eras School partners with the Archer School for Girls through the Best Buddies program, providing opportunities for our students interact with their typical peers on a regular basis. Monthly visits to the Archer School for Girls allow for regular interactions that build trust. This program provides opportunities for our students to improve public speaking, self-advocacy, and communication skills while they make new and significant connections.

CBZ Reboot Dance Company

CBZ Reboot has enriched the lives of many ECF Kayne Eras School students. Programs include workshops and multi-week residencies for a variety of ages, as well as curricula designed for students of all abilities. The CBZ Reboot program helps students learn through movement and physical expression under the guidance of CBZ Reboot’s professional teaching artists. All classes focus on building a strong class community through movement. They promote cultural awareness and dialog by incorporating music and dance that comes from a variety of cultures. Student responsibility and self-esteem is built through the interdependence of the students and the development of their skills.