Daniel Clark

Look who has grown WAY UP and came to visit us at the Kayne Eras School! We were thrilled to see Daniel, who attended our school from 3rd grade until his sophomore year.

Everyone enjoyed reminiscing with Daniel, especially his favorite former teacher and now Kayne Eras School Director, Joelene Walker. Joelene remembered Daniel’s stunning talent show singing performance; and Daniel told Ms. Walker it was her support and encouragement of his study of poetry that he feels profoundly impacted him and his goals for the future.

Daniel went on to graduate high school with a 3.5 GPA. He’s now a Private First Class Marine reservist and will be attending California Institute of the Arts in the fall to pursue his passion and gifts in music and poetry.

Walking through the halls now standing over 6’2” in full Marine dress uniform, our current students couldn’t help gathering in awe and wanting to shake his hand or get a hug. Daniel modestly but happily obliged, saying he wants to support the school that made such a difference in his life any way that he can.

“I used to be challenging, to say the least!” said Daniel. “But I knew Ms. Walker and everybody here believed in me. They supported me and built my confidence. It feels so good to come back and see everyone.”

Ms. Walker said that Daniel’s visit was inspiring, reminding students and staff alike of the power of believing in making a difference. “We just couldn’t be prouder of this talented, articulate, determined, brave and kind young man!” she said.


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Meet Elijah – Kayne Eras School Alumni Voice, Class of 2018

Just days before he graduated from ECF’s Kayne Eras School, Elijah shares what the school meant to him as well as some of his fondest memories.

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