Why Kayne Eras School?

Committed to our belief that with individualized support and care every child can learn, ECF Kayne Eras School provides the highest-quality academic and supportive services designed to foster individual student success.

Fully Accredited by WASC Accrediting Commission for Schools

ECF Kayne Eras School has been fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC). The ACS WASC is a world-renowned accrediting association and one of the six regional accrediting agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Accreditation through ACS WASC indicates that a school meets the highest standards of academic quality, organizational capacity and educational effectiveness.

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Integrative Team Approach

Each student is provided a “team” of staff with different skill sets to support their success. A team of teachers, counselors and speech and language providers or occupational therapists are assigned to specific classrooms to provide one-on-one services and conduct group activities. Educational therapists are also assigned to specific classrooms to help provide personalized service to students and to help teachers in designing educational interventions tailored to each student’s learning style. This team approach, combined with small class sizes and highly specialized instruction, helps students learn how to learn.

Educational Therapy

Educational Therapy provides academic support for students K-12 at Kayne Eras School with learning differences. Educational therapists work with students individually, or in small groups, and occasionally in classes. They use a variety of innovative strategies and materials geared towards students who learn differently. These teaching techniques and activities are multi-sensory and are tailored to an individual student’s learning style. In Educational Therapy students learn how to learn in a way that is engaging and effective. This allows them to work more independently in the classroom. Educational therapists also work collaboratively with other professionals in the school: teachers, counselors, speech and language therapists, and occupational therapists, in order to facilitate communication and to provide each student with an integrated educational experience.

Enrichment Program

Kayne Eras School has long been recognized for its excellent enrichment program. Music, dance, art, sports, technology – all students find an opportunity for success and self-expression. Students in our dance program have earned gold medal recognition in salsa dancing at the Junior Olympics. The school’s competitive intramural sports program is exemplary, and our “Best Buddies” partnership with the Archer School for Girls has been transformative for students at both schools.

Vocational Training

All students are afforded the opportunity to participate in prevocational or vocational training both on and off-site. Students with cognitive challenges benefit from experiencing success in vocational training and participation in off-site opportunities, including community college courses (for students over the age of 16). Diploma track and college-bound students benefit from enhanced resumes as well as the ability to take community college courses at no cost. Our WorkAbility1 program provides real work experience for students ages 16 and older, earning minimum wage supervised by a credentialed job coach in local businesses.

Authentic Learning

ECF Kayne Eras School provides authentic learning experiences through integrated cross-curriculum themes, spanning all grade and ability levels. Our themes are contemporary and relevant and are addressed in English, Math, Social Science, Science, the Arts, and Physical Education classes.

Continuum of Services

As a program operated by the Exceptional Children’s Foundation (ECF), Kayne Eras School students and graduates 22 years of age and older receive access to career training, job placement and supported living environments. These services are typically provided to students with Regional Center funding. Qualified Kayne Eras School students and their families may also benefit from ECF’s Community Mental Health Services, available to ages 3 to 25 in the home setting (typically funded through Medi-Cal).

Meet Our Students

ECF Kayne Eras School students look forward to meeting you! Click to meet and hear from a few of them as they share what makes our school such a special place.

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